Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Broken Heart SMS

Which way to follow?

A Sad Lines By Broken Heart-
�They Say Follow Your Heart
But When Your Heart Is In So Many Pieces,
Which Way Are You To Follow?�

Break my heart

Break my heart ,destroy my soul
and leave me crying

i’d still love you
and i won’t expect you to
love me in return …

Broken trust is like melted chocolate

Broken Trust is like a melted Chocolate,
No matter how u tried to freeze it,
it will never return to its original Shape..!

Hurting line by love

Most hurting Line by a true Love:
If U will leave me,
I prOmise U will cOme back Once
with ur OPEN EYES to see my CLOSED EYES..!!

I will trust you again

A Nice Line Said By A Broken Heart
"Plz Dont Come One More Time Infront Of Me,
I'll Trust U Again"


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