Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cool or Decent SMS

THERE is lie in believe

There is “lie” in believe
“over” in lover
“end” in friend
“Us” in trust
“ex” in next
and “if” in life.

Missing u iz my "HOBBY"

Missing u iz my "HOBBY"
Care 4 U, is my "JOB"
Make u happy, is my "DREAM"
Pray 4 u, is my "DUTY"
2 keep friendship wid u,
is my "CHOICE"

So be careful with your words.

The tongue has no bones,
but is strong enough to break a heart.
So be careful with your words.

Relatinships r like a book

Relatinships r like a book
It taks a few seconds to burn
It takes years to write
So write it carfuly
never let it Burn!!

If you have inner peace

If you have inner peace
nobody can force you to be
a slave to the outer reality

Keep smiling all the day

A smile is the lighting system of face
Heating system of heart
Cooling system of head
So keep smiling all the day

Fastest thing on earth

What is the fastest thing on earth??
Ans: Prayer
Bcoz it reaches god even before u say it…!!!

There are 3 things in human relation

there are 3 things in Human Relation:
3. Love.
If any one of them is lost,
The other Two will be automatically lost.


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