Thursday, October 25, 2012

Poetry SMS

One Song Can Spark a Moment

One SONG Can Spark A Moment
One FLOWER Can Wake The Dream
One TREE Can Start A Forest
One BIRD Can Herald Spring
One SMILE Begins A Friendship
One HANDCLASP Lifts A Soul
One STAR Can Guide A Ship At Sea
One WORD Can Frame The Goal
One VOTE Can Change A Nation
One SUNBEAM Lights A Room
One CANDLE Wipes Out Darkness
One LAUGH Will Conquer Gloom
One STEP Must Start Each Journey
One WORD Must Start A Prayer
One HOPE Will Raise Our Spirits
One TOUCH Can Show You Care
One VOICE Can Speak With Wisdom
One HEART Can Know What Is True

You r d Beloved Princess

You R D Reason For My Life,
You R D Beloved Princess,
You R My Poetry……
You R In My Happy Memories….???
You R D One Everywhere I See……. 
My Every Single Beat Of My Heart….Is Just For You.. ?
Every Breath I Inhale…..Is Just For You.. ?
My Every Song,Every Word……Is Just For You..?
I Pray For You….& I Care For You..?
I Live For You…& I Love For You…..? 
~ All This Is Coz I Love So Much ~
In Every Way You R So Special To Me ..
Love You Like Anything……

Tears Fell Down My Face Like The Rain

The Tears Fell Down My Face Like The Rain. 
You Reached Up And Wiped Those Tears Away. 
You Told Me I Shouldn’t Waste My Tears Over An Ordinary Gurl . 
I Whispered Back “Your Not Ordinary, Your Extraordinary.” ?


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