Thursday, October 25, 2012

Heart SMS

A Heart Touching Fight-

GIRL- "I want to end our Relationship.
I m going to return evrything u gav me"
BOY- "Ok... then, Let's Start wid
Hugs & Kisses....

True frnds r like

True frnds r like upper n lower eyelieds.
They often meet bcoz they miss each other,
Bt when they meet they don't see 
d world around dat's frndship...

I don't want …….

I don't want 2 just be ur friend
My feelings are too deep
Remember always
My heart is forever yours to keep

Two sweet words difficult to say in life:

1. "Hi" for the FIRST time to unknown person.
2. "Bye" for the LAST time to loved ones........

A good heart & a good nature

A good heart & a good nature R 2 different issues,
A good heart can win many relationships,
But a good nature can win many hearts.


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