Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thinking of u SMS

Som1 Remembers

Som1 Remembrs,
Somebody Cares.
Your name is Whispered in som1's Prayers.
Keep the Bright Hope of Sunshine in View.
Som1 is Warmly THINKING of U..

Time n distance

Time n distance can keep us apart,
But we r always heart to heart,
No matter its night or day,
U r just a thought away.

I do not think much

I do not think much,
I do not think often,
but when I think,
I think of you! .

All The TIme

Good time, Bad time,
Night time,
Day time, Work time,
Off time,
Sad time, Happy time,
In the mean time I'm thinking of you all the time.

If a smile reaches

If a smile reaches ur lips.
A perfect smile dat u perhaps u can't explain.
Remember dat in dat moment,
I'm thinkin of u & smiling too.


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